Send a living message, Send flowers with Kaiflora

Substitution Policy

Every order is individually designed by professional florists in our delivery network. We offer products of different varieties and prices both perishable and non-perishable. We guarantee a delivery that meets your expectations every time, however substitutions may be necessary, in some cases, to ensure that your gift is delivered on time. While the product images are representative of the overall style, color scheme and packaging available, due to seasonal and regional conditions from country to country, occasional substitutions are necessary. Our professional florists will make every effort to replace any substitutions to the best possible match but the overall appearance of the item ordered will be very similar

Substitution of some keepsake items may be necessary due to increased demand, especially during major holidays as availability is often quite limited. If a suitable replacement cannot be found, the customer placing the order will be notified by phone or email, immediately. We may have to change the color in this case, but we will make every effort to deliver the flowers of an appropriate quality first, and foremost.

Always remember that your satisfaction is our number one priority. The following guidelines will help you understand the measures we will take to completely satisfy you as our valued customer.

1. Fresh Flowers

Whilst we are committed to delivering your important sentiment gift timeously, fresh and beautiful, due to the nature, seasonality and regional availability of flowers it is sometimes necessary to make substitutions of equal or greater value. Only in instances where a suitable replacement cannot be found will you be notified, for all other necessary substitutions our professional florists will use their discretion to find the best possible similar flower, greenery or filler. We will make every effort to maintain the "look and feel" of the arrangement by considering the overall shape, size, style, and colour combinations. For one-of-a-kind arrangements such as roses, the variety available takes precedence, so that we can still deliver a unique arrangement with equal or higher quality flowers. Should the colour you have chosen of a particular flower not be available, you will be notified by phone or email immediately.

Substitutions for Special Occasions

Due to the importance of delivering orders for special occasions, such as funerals, birthdays and anniversaries, on specific days, we may make a substitution of equal or greater value to ensure timely delivery. This will be necessary if the flowers you requested are not available and we are not able to contact you via the phone number(s) or email address you provided. We will ensure to substitute to the closest flowers/colour available. The highest care will be taken to maintain the style, theme and colour scheme of the arrangement using flowers of equal value.

Additionally, the substitutions of certain containers or vases may be necessary due to increased demand and availability, especially during major holidays.

2. Non-Perishable Items

Items of this nature differ from country to country in terms of brand, size, quality, regulations and availability. Again our professional florists will make every effort to ensure any substitutions are of equal or greater value.


Many hospitals do not allow latex balloons with an arrangement. Mylar balloons may need to be substituted for latex balloons on some orders.


For green and blooming plants, similar plants may be substituted of equal or greater value. For one-of-a-kind plants, such as orchids, we will make every attempt to match the plant type, but may substitute with another colour. Containers for plants will be as close as possible. Please note that the availability of plants including orchids vary from country to country, should we encounter any difficulties in fulfilling the product ordered, you will be notified immediately.

Gift Baskets

Substitutions within a basket may be made with items of greater or equal value if necessary to guarantee freshness and timely delivery. The brand advertised in the image may not always be available in some countries. Our professional florists will make up the order accordingly with a product of greater or equal value.

Vases, containers, gift bags, gift boxes

Product images shown online are representative of the overall packaging however the availability of these differ from country to country. In many instances substitutions are necessary. Our professional florists will make every effort to provide any substitutions to the best possible match to ensure the overall appearance of the item ordered will be similar.

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