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Delivery Information

We at Kaiflora are committed to ensuring that your gift is timorously delivered, we do not miss the occasion and most important to us is that we keep you, our loyal customer happy and satisfied. In our efforts to ensure all expectations are met, sometimes things do go wrong beyond our control, rest assured that we will keep you updated until your order is successfully delivered. Our customer service department will be pleased to answer any questions you may have, or provide you with information concerning your delivery. You may direct all queries to

The following will help you understand our trading hours, the efforts we will make, through our delivery network to ensure your order is delivered. It also covers some important points to remember when entering orders to make our task much easier and hassle free:

1. Delivery Content

Details on all Orders

Ensure all important fields are filled out relating to the full contact details of the recipient. Whilst every effort is made not to contact the recipient, in some instances where we struggle to deliver an order, to maintain our delivery standards, contact will be made with the recipient.

Incorrect Delivery Information

If a delivery attempt is made to an incorrect address provided by the customer placing the order or the arrangement is refused by the recipient receiving the order, the order will incur an additional service and handling fee. We will offer a re delivery of the order after the service and handling fee is paid. Our Standard Service and Handling Fee is $9.99 and the standard delivery fee is $15.99. All delivered items have a service and handling fee. In some instances where the delivery is accepted, we are not responsible for the incorrect details submitted to us by the customer. If such a delivery is made, the customer assumes responsibility for the entire purchase.

2. Delivery and Non-Delivery Days

Same Day Delivery

We make every effort to deliver your order as quickly as possible. Most of our products can be delivered the same day. To assure same day delivery, orders must be received before 10:00 am local time, Mondays through to Fridays (excluding observed holidays). Orders placed for same day delivery after 10:00 am local time are not guaranteed for same day delivery and they will in most cases be delivered the following business day. We will make every effort to accommodate an order if placed after 10:00 am local time, however we do not guarantee this.

Saturday and Sunday Delivery

Delivery service is not always available in many areas on Saturdays and Sundays. We will make every effort to make all requested Saturday and Sunday deliveries where possible, however should this request not be met, your order will be delivered on the Friday or Monday. Deliveries for Saturdays must be placed on Friday before 5:00 pm local time. No deliveries can be executed for same day delivery on Saturdays or Sundays.

Special Floral Days and Public Holiday Delivery

During busy floral holidays like Mother's Day, Thanks Giving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, you may need to order at least five (5) working days in advance to ensure delivery on the date requested. For these days that fall on a Saturday or Sunday delivery shall be made on the Friday or Monday.

Public holidays vary from country to country, therefore should an order be placed on this date for delivery, the order will only be delivered on the next business working day.

Due to high volume of orders over some holidays, the below explains how orders are managed. As a general rule, delivery takes place on the requested date except the following days:

* Christmas and New Year orders - delivered 2 or 3 days prior to the requested delivery date

* 14 February (St. Valentine's Day) - orders may exceptionally be delivered on 12/13 February

* Mother’s Day - orders may exceptionally be delivered the Friday or Saturday

* March (Women's Day) - may exceptionally be delivered on 6/7 March

3. Delivery Times

Trading Hours

Normal delivery times are 9:00 am to 3:00 pm daily for orders going to a business, and until 6:00 pm for orders to a residence, hotel or hospital and 1:00 pm for orders going to a high school. During major holidays such as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day we operate extended hours and delivery times are from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Guarantee time

We do not have any deliver time guarantee, unless for funeral and weddings. We are unable to guarantee time of delivery to hotels and hospitals.

In very exceptional cases if confirmation has been made with our florist partners, we will try to accommodate delivery time requests. These type of orders must be placed three (3) working days in advance. Please ensure details are filled out during checkout. Additional charges may apply for these timed delivery requests. Please take into account time zone differences. This does not apply to Saturdays, Sundays, Florist or Public holidays. You may direct all enquiries to

4. Different types of Deliveries

Delivery to Offices

For office deliveries, please ensure you include the company name and the full address of the recipient. We are unable to deliver orders where the full address information has not been supplied. Our delivery network agents are not tasked to look for an office or person in a block of offices or an office park. Occasionally the recipient may not be available to receive the order, please note that the order will be delivered to the reception at the address supplied, the signature of the person receiving the order will be accepted as proof of delivery and fulfilment of the order.

Delivery to Hospitals

We recommend that you check with the hospital before placing your order as some hospitals do not allow flower deliveries or patients to receive gift items. When ordering ensure that you put details of when the recipient shall be in hospital until as many instances the delivery takes place and the recipient has been discharged already. Please ensure you include the recipient’s surname, full address of the hospital, the room number and name of the ward where the recipient is stationed. We require the telephone number of the recipient and not the hospital telephone number please.

Delivery to Hotels

When placing your order ensure you have included the full address of the hotel, the telephone number of the hotel and the recipients contact details, the full name and surname of the recipient as well as the room number and floor (if known) where the recipient is residing. When ordering ensure that you put details of how long the recipient shall be at the hotel as in many instances the delivery takes place and the recipient has already checked out. We advise that you check with the hotel before placing your order. Occasionally the recipient may not be available to receive the order, please note that the order will be delivered to the reception at the address supplied, the signature of the person receiving the order will be accepted as proof of delivery and fulfilment of the order.

Delivery to Outlining Areas

Many areas have local delivery footprints and our delivery network is able to deliver to such areas, there are the odd occasions whereby an area is out of the delivery footprint. If we are able to execute the delivery, the differences in delivery cost will be communicated to the sender before the order is confirmed from our side. If you would like to make an enquiry about delivery to a specific area/place or the cost of the delivery you may contact

Delivery to Funeral Homes

These orders are our very highest priority. Kindly ensure you allow for your delivery to arrive before the funeral service by placing the order in advance and by notifying us of the service commencement time. In any event kindly supply residential details of a family member so that we can ensure your order is delivered.

Delivery to High Schools

High schools do not accept deliveries for students and we are unable to execute such orders. Orders to high schools not going to students, should be placed early to allow the delivery to be made before school closes for the delivery day requested.

Delivery to P.O. Boxes and Postal addresses

We are unable to deliver flowers to a P.O. Box, an A.P.O. addresses or postal addresses.

5. Delivery Issues Encountered

Recipient Refuse Delivery

If the recipient refuses to accept a delivery, you may be held fully liable for the cost of the gift.

Recipient not at Home

In the absence of the recipient, if we are unable to deliver the flowers and unable to reach the recipient within 24 hours after the first attempt of delivery, we will inform you that no delivery could be made and will ask for additional contact information. Depending on the delivery location, if the recipient is not available at the time of delivery, we may leave the gift in a safe place for the recipient to retrieve when they return, such as with a neighbor, or leave a message for the recipient to call to arrange for delivery. Bear in mind that the next delivery attempt to the recipient will be made the following working day.

Need to Reschedule a Delivery

Occasionally when weather, inaccessibility to the address, need for special ordering, or for whatever reason flowers cannot be delivered on the date requested we may attempt to notify the sender as well as the recipient. Unless we are specifically notified by the sender otherwise we will reschedule the delivery on the next available delivery date.

Request to Leave Item at Door

The customer assumes all liability for requests to leave arrangements. We highly discourage special instructions requesting delivery to a doorstep, porch, yard or any location where the recipient cannot accept the arrangement themselves. Kaiflora cannot be held responsible for missing, damaged, expired or faulty products due to this special request.

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