Send a living message, Send flowers with Kaiflora

About Us

Kaiflora was established to emanate the inspiration of nature's beauty which surrounds us. Driven by love and passion for flowers, a hope was born to yield something of true admiration resulting in the establishment of Kaiflora. As one of the youngest inductees into the floral industry we offer a service of impeccable taste and desire to manifest "stunning floral work" which has created a unique and lasting trust amongst our valued customers. Kaiflora boasts the beauty of nature and creates a haven where customers can experience the significance each flower has to offer, each with a different gist stemming from a different gesture, to deliver a unique message….A message that is living.

You can use these flowers to fragrance a message that words often can’t. So why not....

"Send a living message, Send flowers with Kaiflora"

When "only the best" will do we aim to be trusted by our existing and new clientele to deliver a level of service, design and commitment that is simply unrivaled. Kaiflora aspires to be your preferred florist. We have obtained a reputation for delivering when the occasion calls for nothing short of perfection. If you are looking to make a timeless statement with private flowers, wedding flowers, corporate and event flowers, Kaiflora can offer you elegance and style that will be long remembered by all. Whatever the occasion we endeavor to make your moment as memorable as the scent, expression and poetic meaning of any flower you have chosen. We aim to provide our customers with value for money, quality fresh flowers and a professional service at all times. We take great care to keep you satisfied and to reflect the highest standard of service.

If there is a blooming bud, frolicking flower, breath taking bouquet or anything specific you are looking for, that you do not see on our website, please feel free to enquire via email or telephonically.

At Kaiflora, we are more than happy to go that extra mile, just as a professional florist should. We are waiting to hear from you!

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